Mushroom poisoning

US poison control centers: Many of the US poison control centers share a common telephone number: 800 222-1222
This phone number will reach your local poison control number.  Note: Mobile phone users will reach the poison control center in the phone's home state.

If a victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.

For the localities of US poison control centers and selected centers in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, visit

For other countries try the organizational links below.

Mushrooms. Poisons and Panaceas by Denis R. Benjamin, MD Recommended reference: If not the most valuable, certainly one of the few most valuable works on mushroom poisoning, is the work of Denis Benjamin, MD, entitled Mushrooms. Poisons and Panaceas.  In the opinion of RET, this book should be accessible in every emergency room and poison control center in North America at least (with local taxonomic knowledge added, its applicability is broader).  Dr. Benjamin does not stint  on the taxonomic information.  In addition, importantly, he provides the information most accessible to physicians, persons receiving calls in a poison control center, and other emergency medical personnel—the symptoms presented by a patient in his/her home, an ambulance, or an emergency room.  The book presents poisonings, causes, and treatments organized by toxins and by symptoms.  Taxonomic descriptions are offered; but taxonomy of poisonous mushrooms is not the core of this very useful book. Benjamin points out that support of a taxonomist can be useful to reduce any confusion or misunderstanding of book users.
  • Brief summary of the reference (originally used as supporting material for an introductory seminar on mushroom toxicology to parataxonomist volunteers supporting the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System (NJPIES) by R. E. Tulloss, Dorothy Smullen, and Glenn Boyd (New Jersey Mycological Association) is available here with the permission of Dr. Benjamin.

    Download version of 17 February 2011.  [PDF, 1.5 MB]

  • Publication data: Benjamin, Denis R. 1995. Mushrooms. Poisons and panaceas. (W. H. Freeman, New York). xxvi+422 pp. ISBN: 0-7167-2600-9 (hard cover), 0-7167-2649-1 (soft cover).

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