Keys, Checklists,  & some Illustrations in Institutional Collections

At present, we are refurbishing old checklists and keys to give users of the new site at least the information they found on the old "Amanita Studies" site. Eventually, we will have a completely new way of providing key-based and picture-based access to the data on; however, we are not there yet. If you find that old checklists (in particular) are not providing you what you need on this site. Please return here, and make use of the working keys and checklists on the old site.—eds.

All world keys for taxnomic groups with the genus Amanita, regional keys for the genus Amanita, and regional checklists) should be considered to be in draft form.  We are beginning to add links to sets of illustrations in institutional collections.  Suggestions and corrections are very welcome.

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Understanding terms & notations in keys and checklists