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28-31 December 2014

New site not yet accessible by public.  Changes reported do not yet show on public site.

Taxon page name change: Amanita amerivirosa, a provisional name, replaces the temporary code A. sp-bisporigera04.

Updated brief tab: Amanita texasorora.

Updated techtab: Amanita cylindrispora and A. texasorora.


Some time in the early hours of 27 December 2014, the content of this site will be frozen prior to a change of provider for cloud services. Our database, non-database content, software, etc. will be ported during the following hours/days.  At the time when switchover to the new server occurs, we and our users may see some unpredictable behavior at first due to new operational parameters on the new server.  If you experience problems with the site in the last days of 2015 or the early days of 2014, we would appreciate it if you would contact us and inform us of the problems you may be seeing.

23-24 December 2014

Change of section: Amanita lippiae has been discovered to belong in section Vaginatae, and that species' placement in the site hierarchy has been changed to reflect that knowledge.

Updated techtabs: Amanita frostiana, A. pahasapaensis, A. parcivolvata, A. texasorora, A. wellsii, and Limacella subillinita.

22 December 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-C21.

18-21 December 2014

New taxon page: Amanita sp-C21 is apparently a species of section Amanita with clamps found at the bases of basidia.  From the evidence of sequences deposited in GenBank, this species has been mistaken for both A. gemmata and A. pantherina in a range extending at least from British Columbia to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Change of taxon name: Amanita sp-C13 reverts to A. macerisolum.  The temporary code, A. sp-T01, is now represented by many collections with a wide geographic distribution and with a "proposed barcode gene" sequence that has been repeatedly derived from material throughout the range; hence, it is time for it to get a provisional name—Amanita texasorora.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-C21.

Updated techtabs: Amanita brunnescens, A. cremeosorora, A. inodora, A. macerisolum, A. mutabilis, A. pantherinoides, A. rhacopus, A. roanokensis, A. sp-C21, A. sp-N61, A. sp-QUE03, A. sp-V01, A. stranella, A. texasorora, and Limacella sp-CMP0152.

16 December 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita pahasapaensis.

13 December 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita parcivolvata.

7-11 December 2014

New taxon page: Amanita debilivenenum.

Updated brief techtab: Amanita debilivenenum.

Updated techtabs: Amanita alliacea, A. brunnescens, A. calyptratoides (range extends into Washington state), A. daimonioctantes, A. debilivenenum, A. morrisii, A. pahasapaensis, A. praecox, A. sp-amerirubescens02, A. sp-C13, and A. sp-MN05.

2-3 December 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita albiceps, A. bisporigera, A. populiphila, A. protecta, A. rhacopus, A. sp-N60, and A. suballiacea.

29 November 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita beckeri.

Updated techtab: Amanita beckeri.

24-28 November 2014

Merger of taxon pages: Limacella sp-Tulloss-8-31-94-E appears to be morphologically and genetically identical to L. sp-CMP0152 and the data has been merged.  The former page is deleted.

New page: Amanita sp-MN05 is separated from A. rhacopus based on genetic data.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-OR02, Limacella sp-CMP0152, L. sp-L-OR02, L. sp-L-CA01, and L. sp-L-UT01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita populiphila, A. rhacopus, A. sp-MN05, Limacella mcmurphyi, L. roseicremea, L. solidipes, L. sp-CMP0152, and L. sp-L-CA01.

21-22 November 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita cremeosorora.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cremeosorora, A. flavoconia var. inquinata, A. magniradix, A. populiphila, A. sp-lavendula02, and A. subcokeri.

16-20 November 2014

New pages: Amanita sp-C20, Limacella sp-L-OR01, and L. sp-L-WA01.

Changing temporary codes: Limacella sp-Cannon-25-vii-2011 will be replaced by Limacella sp-L-AUS01.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-C20, Limacella myxodictyon, and L. sp-L-WA01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albocreata, A. dulciarii, A. flavescens, A. phalloides, A. populiphila, A. porphyria, A. rhacopus, A. roseolamellata, A. sp-C20, A. sp-lavendula02, A. sp-Litten_L-715, A. sp-MN03, A. sp-MN04, A. sp-NM10, A. sp-T01, A. xanthomitra, Limacella illinita var. argillacea, L. myxodictyon, L. sp-L-OR01, and L. sp-L-WA01.

9-15 November 2014

Name changes: The long temporary codes for species of Limacella have become a problem especially when one author's collection numbers become assigned to a temporary code named after another collection number of the same author.  In addition, code numbers were being generated without any consistency of format.  For Limacella we will move to "sp-L-" followed by a geographic code followed by consecutive numbering.  The insertion of "L-" will differentiate such numbers from those used for Amanita temporary codes.  Limacella sp-Kuo-08290201 has become L. sp-L-IL01Amanita sp-N59 is apparently genetically identical with A. xanthomitra; and A. sp-N59 has been merged with the latter page and no longer has a separate existence.

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-OR02 is based on a morphologically and genetically unique specimen of section Vaginatae contributed by Britney Ramsey of Linn County, Oregon.  Two collections originally believed assigned to A. rhacopus and A. populiphila in the field have proven to be genetically distinct.  Data will be accumulated on page with temporary codes A. sp-MN04 and A. sp-MNO3 recpectively.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-OR02, Limacella agricola, and L sp-CMP0152.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cochiseana, A. frostiana, A. homolae, A. muscaria, A. muscaria var. guessowii, A. sp-OR02, A. wellsii, A. xanthomitra, Limacella agricola, L. sp-CMP0152, and L. subillinita.

4-6 November 2014

Merger of taxon pages: The taxon page of Limacella sp-Kuo-08290201 has absorbed the contents of the taxon pages for L. sp-Kuo-07220705 and L. sp-Russell-MO107737; the latter two pages have been deleted.  Taxon pages for L. sp-Kuo-08260501 and L. sp-Kuo-07020702 have been found to be based on material of L. glischra; the data on these two pages has been merged with the existing data on the page for L. glischra.

Updated brief tab: Limacella glischra, L. sp-Burnett-5-xi-1994 and L. sp-Kuo-08290201.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cochiseana, Limacella glischra, L. guttata, L. sp-CMP0152, L. sp-Kuo-08290201, L. sp-L-PAN01, L. sp-Russell-MO107737, L. sp-Tulloss-8-31-94-E, and L. subillinita.

31 October 2014

Duplicate taxon page removed: The temporary code Limacella sp-Williams-10-x-1995 has been deleted.  Morphological and molecular data support the placement of the material formerly treated under the temporary code in L. subillinita.  The page for the temporary code has been deleted.

Updated brief page: Limacella subillinita.

Updated techtabs: Limacella illinita sensu H. V. Sm., L. sp-CMP0152, L. sp-Tulloss-8-31-94-E, and L. subillinita.

25-29 October 2014

New taxon page: A new species of section Vaginatae (Amanita sp-N61) with a fragmenting and graying volva is added based on a Connecticut collection from which were derived distinctive nrITS and nrLSU sequences.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita rhacopus and A. sp-N61.

Updated techtabs: Amanita rhacopus, A. solitaria, A. sp-N61, and A. variicolor.

20-23 October 2014

New taxon page: New taxon pages has been created for Amanita elongatior, A. magna, and A. pseudofulva, some of Yves Lamoureux's provisional names.  The species are assigned to section Vaginatae in Yves' illustrated description (Lamoureux 2006).

Change of section: Amanita vulpecula is unquestionably a species of section Vaginatae.  In fact it is extremely close to Amanita dulciarii.  The distinctly different spore shape is the only distinguishing character found to date.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albiceps, A. elongatior, A. magna, and A. pseudofulva.

13-17 October 2014

E-journal: The first article published by was posted this morning. The journal may be found with its separate URL or on this site at

Validated name: Amanita pruittii.

Updated brief tab: Amanita pruittii.

Updated techtabs: Amanita inopinata and A. pruittii.

12 October 2014

Upgraded regional key: A species was added to, and text was corrected in, the Sub-Saharan regional key's portion dedicated to section Amidella.

Updated tech tabs: Amanita atkinsoniana and A. crenulata.

4-7 October 2014

New taxon page: Although we have some concern that the type of Amanita porrinensis is a diseased specimen, we have created a new taxon page for it.

Updated techtabs: Amanita banningiana, A. populiphila, A. protecta, A. rhacopus, A. sp-T01, and Limacella myxodictyon.

29 September 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-O01.

23 September 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita subsolitaria and A. wellsii.

6-20 September 2014

New taxon pages: Amanita heishidingensis will soon appear in print—a new species of section Lepidella from China described by Fang Li.  Amanita subnigra, a provisionally named taxon due to Yves Lamoureux has been added to the site.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita bisporigera, A. sp-bisporigera04, and A. sp-bisporigera05.

Updated techtabs: Amanita banningiana, A. bisporigera, A. cinereopannosa, A. eijii, A. gwyniana, A. sp-bisporigera04, A. sp-bisporigera05, A. sp-T23, A. subnigra, and A. virginiana.

1-4 September 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita albiceps, A. bisporigera and A. variipes.

27-28 August 2014

New taxon page: Amanita variipes.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albiceps, A. rhacopus, and A. variipes.

20-22 August 2014

Classification change: Amanita sp-57 is moved to section Amanita.

Updated techtabs: Amanita mutabilis, A. sp-57, A. sp-N50, A. sp-V03, and A. xanthomitra.

15 August 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-bisporigera04.

2-4 August 2014

Updated brief tabs: Amanita penetratrix, A. rubescens var. alba, and A. sp-lavendula01.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-lavendula01.

31 July 2014

Changes in sectional placement: All three species of stirps Friabilis have been moved to Amanita section Vaginatae: A. basiana, A. friabilis, and A. hyperborea.

Updated techtabs: Amanita basiana and A. whetstoneae.

28-30 July 2014

Changes in sectional placement: Several taxa that appeared to Dr. Bas and RET to have a basal bulb on the stipe have to be moved from section Amanita to section Vaginatae because the nrLSU sequences from these taxa include the indel typical of section Vaginatae alone in the genus Amanita.  For the moment, we conclude that there is a significant volval cup at the stipe base, which should be researched.

The first of the species to be moved is Amanita basiana, Dr. L. V. Kudzma derived nrLSU from an isotype collection; and there was the tell-tale indel.

Updated brief tab: Amanita basiana and A. sp-57.

Updated techtab: Amantia basiana and A. cinnamomescens.

21-24 July 2014

New taxon page: Amanita sp-N60 is a new orangish white ("pink") species of section Amanita from York County, Maine.

Updated brief tab: Amanita rubescens var. alba, A. sp-amerirubescens02, A. sp-amerirubescens04, and A. sp-N60.

Updated techtabs: Amanita brunnescens, A. flavorubens, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-amerirubescens02, A. sp-amerirubescens04, A. sp-amerirubescens07, A. sp-lavendula01, and A. sp-N60.

15-20 July 2014

New taxon page: Amanita sp-amerirubescens07.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita rubescens var. alba, A. sp-amerirubescens07, and A. sp-T01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita aestivalis, A. brunnescens, A. rubescens var. alba, and A. sp-amerirubescens07.

13 July 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita cochiseana.

6-12 July 2014

Amanitaceae sequence collection news: On 12 July 2014, the size of the DNA sequence collection on this site exceeded 1,000 sequences.  At that time, 173 species were represented by at least one sequence. New taxon pages: Three pages have been created for apparent taxa that are distinguished genetically although little else is known of these species at present: Amanita sp-57, A. sp-bisporigera04, and A. sp-bisporigera05.

Updated brief tabs:Amanita sp-O01 and A. virosa.

Updated techtabs: Amanita bisporigera, A. cinnamomescens, A. exitialis, A. fuliginea, A. fuligineoides, A. inopinata, A. ocreata, A. pallidorosea, A. phalloides, A. pruittii, A. rimosa, A. sp-57, A. sp-amerirubescens01, A. sp-bisporigera04, A. sp-bisporigera05, A. sp-NFL08, A. sp-O01, A. suballiacea, A. subjunquillea, and A. virosa.

30 June-2 July 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita pruittii.

23-25 June 2014

Texas and Gulf Coast checklist has been updated.

Updated techtabs: Amanita gilbertii and A. pruittii.

18-20 June 2014

Updated brieftab: Amanita rhacopus and A. sp-MO01.

Updated techtab: Amanita rhacopus, A. sp-MO01, and A. sp-T01.

11-17 June 2014

New taxon page: A new page has been added for the new Chinese species Amanita macrocarpa, a species of section Lepidella sensu Bas.

Updated brief tab: Amanita longicuneus, A, rhacopus, A. sp-N30, A. sp-T01, and A. xanthomitra.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cinnamomescens, A. inopinata, A. rhacopus, A. sp-N59, A. sp-QUE03, A. sp-T01, A. sp-V03, A. whetstoneae, and A. xanthomitra.

3 June 2014

A broken link to the ASPCA website from the "poisoning" page has been fixed.

30 May 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita pruittii.

18 May 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita americrocea.

Updated techtab: Amanita canescens and A. sp-S01.

14 May 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita pruittii.

12 May 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita populiphila.

8-9 May 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita brunnescens, A. rhacopus, and A. sp-V03.

4-5 May 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita rubescens var. alba.

Updated techtabs Amanita amerirubescens, A. protecta, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-amerirubescens01, A. sp-amerirubescens02, and A. sp-amerirubescens04.

1-2 May 2014

Bug: Resolved.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-53.

27-28 April 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita pruittii.

23 April 2014

Browser changes disrupt sites: Among things that were not useful to our site, many of the leading browsers have ceased to support a function called "innerhtml" in their most recent releases.  The "innerhtml" function was a means of passing data to a subfunction.  The impact on our site has been noticeable with regard to pages that provide a function other than straightforward presentation of data. For example, the filter on the sequences collection page, stopped displaying little pie charts that showed how much of the data for column in the table was selected for a given filtering. The summary of data on the collection page's statistics tab stopped displaying the numbers of items in the list, etc. It is not difficult to find all locations of the use of "innerhtml" in our code; so our site designer/programmer/master, David Tulloss, is progressing through the necessary corrections.

Updated techtab: Amanita pubescens sensu Coker.

18-22 April 2014

Renaming of taxon page: The taxon formerly called Amanita sp-SD01 has been renamed to honor the region using one of the Native American language names for the the Black Hills.l  The new provisional name is pahasapaensis.

Updated techtabs: Amanita maryaliceae, A. pahasapaensis, A. pubescens sensu Coker, and A. recutita sensu Coker.

14-16 April 2014

Merged pages: Amanita sp-QUE01 has been merged with A. murrilliana on the basis of genetic evidence provided by Santiago Sanchez.

New taxon page: Amanita sp-SD01—a new species of sect. Vaginatae from the Black Hills of South Dakota, U.S.A.

Updated brief tab: Amanita austropulchella f. mcalpiniana.

Updated techtabs: Amanita annulalbida, A. austropulchella f. mcalpiniana, and A. sp-SD01.

12 April 2014

Page name change: Because RET is inclined to believe that A. xanthocephala is a Western Australian taxon while A. austropulchella may be a distinct eastern Australian taxon, the name xanthocephala f. mcalpiniana has been replaced with austropulchella f. mcalpiniana.  Further change, such as raising the latter name to species rank is possible.

Updated techtab: Amanita austropulchella f. mcalpiniana.

9-11 April 2014

Updates to genetic sequence collection: Numerous new sequences are being added to the DNA sequence collection.  The new sequences were derived by Santiago Sanchez from taxa of Amanita section Caesareae.

Updated techtab: Amanita murrilliana.

1-4 April 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita rhacopus, A. sp-N59, A. sp-T01, and A. sp-V03.

31 March 2014

New and reintroduced pages: Amanita sp-N59 will be dedicated to another apparently distinct taxon morphologically similar to A. rhacopus.  Continuing studies on the DNA of such taxa also reveals that the original collection on which the temporary code A. sp-V03 was based indeed represents a taxon distinct from A. rhacopus; therefore, this page is reintroduced supported by two collections.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-QUE03 and A. sp-V03.

Updated techtabs: Amanita sp-N59, A. sp-QUE03, and A. sp-V03.

21-25 March 2014

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-MO02 is a new, white species of section Validae with red staining in areas of insect damage, but genetically remote from the taxa in Europe and North America to which the name rubescens has been correctly or incorrectly applied.  Amanita sp-amerirubescens05 is a new (apparently gracile) rubescent species of section Validae probably called "rubescens" in the past; only two collections are known.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-amerirubescens02, A. sp-amerirubescens05, and A. spMO02.

Updated techtabs: Amanita brunnescens, A. dunensis, A. flavorubens, A. sp-amerirubescens01, A. sp-amerirubescens02, A. sp-amerirubescens05, A. sp-lavendula02, A. sp-lavendula03, A. sp-MO02, A. sp-O02, and A. sp-T03.

18 March 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-lavendula01.

3-6 March 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita breckonii, A. brunnescens, Amanita novinupta, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-amerirubescens01, A. sp-amerirubescens02, A. sp-lavendula01, A. sp-NM10, and A. submaculata.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-lavendula01.

26-27 February 2014

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sepiacea and A. sp-amerirubescens01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita breckonii, A. sepiacea and A. sp-amerirubescens01.

24 February 2014

New Feature in testing mode: The ?User_sporograph and ?Keys_&_checklists pages plus a new page are now collected under a new parent page called ?Identification_tools .  We're writing a little "how to" for the new page which is called ?Short_list_from_spores.  The new page (NOW IN TESTING MODE) will use your spore measurements and other information you supply in order to create a short or short-ish list of possible identifications for your Amanita collection.

23 February 2014

New taxon page: Amanita sp-C19 is new in section Amanita; it is based on a single specimen formerly mistakenly assigned to A. breckonii and distinguishable from that taxon morphologically and by its nrITS sequence.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-C19.

Updated techtabs: Amanita novinupta and A. sp-C19.

19-20 February 2014

New taxon page: Amanita sp-C18.

Updated techtabs: Amanita protecta, A. rhacopus, A. sp-C18, and A. sp-T01.

14 February 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita bisporigera and A. suballiacea.

12 February 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita persicina.

Updated techtab: Amanita persicina.

4 February 2014

Updated brief tab: Amanita reidiana.

Updated techtab: Amanita reidiana.

3 February 2014

Site usage: On 2 February, the number of site visits for 2014 exceeded 5,000.  We have now download 3.75 Gbytes of data to our users this year to date.  Please, consider a donation (here) to help us secure the future of this site.

31 January 2014

Updated tech tab: Amanita manicata has a new possible synonym—Limacella magna B. Kumari & R. C. Upadhyay (Kumari et al. 2013).

24-26 January 2014

Name change: Amanita rubescens var. congolensis is raised to species rank as A. congolensis.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita rubescens and A. rubescens var. alba.

Updated techtabs: Amanita congolensis, A. sp-lavendula01, and A. sp-lavendula03.

20-22 January 2014

Name change: The invalid name Amanita murina Sacc. has been replaced by a provisional name Amanita neomurina resulting in a page name change.

Updated techtabs: Amanita fibrillopes, A. muscaria var. persicina, A. neomurina, and A. neoneglecta.

16 January 2014

Updated techtab: Amanita breckonii.

13-14 January 2014

New names: The name A. castaneogrisea (which is illegitimate) is replaced with the name A. reidiana (which is proposed as new).

Updated brief tabs: Amanita groenlandica and A. submembranacea.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cistetorum, A. congolensis, A. groenlandica, A. rhacopus, A. ristichii, A. sp-QUE01, A. sp-T01, A. submembranacea, and A. umbrinolutea.

7-10 January 2014

Updated techtabs: Amanita flavorubens, A. sp-36, and A. sp-N47.

2 January 2014

A new page has been added to list and thank our donors.  (here)

Updated techtab: Amanita cistetorum.

1 January 2014

Happy New Year.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-56.

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