Site news 2020

24 December 2020

Taxon page changes: The continuing work with large single-gene trees has produced more results: It is quite clear that Amanita sp-ITAL03 can be merged with Amanita huijsmanii. The code name "sp-ITAL03" is permanently retired. Updated brief tab: Amanita huijsmanii.

: Amanita huijsmannii.

22 December 2020

Taxon page changes: The contents of the page for Amanita sp-ITAL06 have been combined with the data on the page for A. lividopallescens after re-examination of large nrITS and nrLSU single-gene trees.  The temporary code name is retired.

Updates to techtabs: Amanita lividopallescens.

15-21 December 2020

New page: Amanita sp-AZ32 is a new taxon from Arizona that was formally placed in A. castellae.

Changed taxon name: Amanita saltpointensis is a new name.  It replaces Amanita sp-C31, which is retired permanently.

Updated brief tab: Amanita obconicobasis, A. sp-AZ32, and A. sp-C31.

Updated brief tab: Amanita calisorora, A. castellae, Amanita constricta, A. huijsmanii, A. lactea, A. obconicobasis, A. olivaceogrisea, A. pachycolea, A. sp-AZ32, A. sp-C31, and A. sp-KY01, and A. submembranacea.

8 December 2020

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-KY01 and Amanita sp-KY02.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-KY01.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-KY01.

2-4 December 2020

Updated brief tab: Amanita penetratrix.

Updated techtab: Amanita blueridgensis, A. longicuneus, and A. penetratrix.

23-25 November 2020

Page changes: The pages for A. sangabrielensis and A. baccata sensu Arora have been merged under the proposed provisional name A. zayantensisi.  The name "sangabrielensis" is no longer in use on the site.  The pages for A. browtownensis and A. sp-44 have been merged into Amanita sharkriverensis.  The name A. browntownensis is nolonger in use on the site.

Undated brief tabs: Amanita sharkriverensis and A. zayantensis.

Undated techtabs: Amanita sharkriverensis and A. zayantensis.

20 November 2020

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-44.

12 November 2020

Updated techtab Amanita baccata sensu Arora.

8 November 2020

Update technical tabs: Amanita alseides, A. fulvoides, A. lividopallescens, A. mairei, A. simulans, and A. supravolvata.

31 October-4 November 2020

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-ITAL01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita calisorora, A. fulvoides, A. sp-ITAL01, and A. supravolvata.

22-26 October 2020

Updates techtabs: Amanita coryli, A. penetratrix, A. sp-N58, and A. sp-NW04.

21 October 2020

Updates techtabs: Amanita sp-N58 has its fragment of nrITS-LSU cleaned up and slightly extended and has been otherwise updated.  The same is true for Amanita sp-N49.

9-15 October 2020

New species page: Amanita tlaxcalipanthera.

Updated techtabs: Amanita alpinica A. ameripanthera, and A. tlaxcalipanthera.

1-5 October 2020:

New provisional names: The temporary code Amanita sp-N12 has been replaced and retired.  The new provisional name is Amanita borodenkoae (in honor of Connie Borodenko). The temporary code Amanita sp-N46 has been replaced and retired.  The new provisional name is Amanita sarahae in honor of Sarah Tulloss.

Provisonal name set aside: Amanita pinchotensis has been used briefly for a single collection that is now assignable to A. penetrans on molecular grounds.

Updatec brief tab: Amanita sp-F19.

Updated technical tabs: Amanita borodenkoae, A. longicuneus, A. penetrans, A. pseudopenetrans, A. salmonriverensis, A. sarahae, A. sp-F19, A. sp-N44, A. sp-N45, and A. sp-NW04.

. 24-28 September 2020:

New name: Amanita wasilewskii.

Name changes: The temporary code Amanita sp-62 is retired.  It is replaced by the provisional name A. collisus.

Updated brief tab: Amanita wasilewskii.

Updated techtabs: Amanita bensonensis, A. collisus, A. sp-N46, and A. virginiana, and A. wasilewskii.

12-17 September 2020

Updated techtabs: Amanita betulae, A. coryli, A. cyclops, A. fulvoides, A. lividopallescens, A. rhodinsulae, A. sp-ITAL01, A. sp-ITAL07, A. sp-OR03 A. sp-UTTAR01, A. spadicea, A. umbrinolutea, and A. vaginata var. alba.

9 September 2020

Page changes: The transfer of data from Amanita sp-DEUT01 to A. spadicea is complete.  The temporary code Amanita sp-DEUT01 is permanently retired.

22 August 2020

Added genera: The division of Limacella s.l. into three genera begins with moving temporary codes onto index pages for Limacellopsis and Zhuliangomyces.  Species that have not been formally recombined will be dealt with in a forthcoming article; then, they will be moved to whatever genera will be their future home.

Updated techtab: Amanita subvelatipes.

20-24 July 2020

New taxon Amanita sp-UTTAR01 is a new species from the state of Uttarakhand, India.  Amanita rhodinsulae is new from Rhode Island, U.S.A.  Amaniata aureosorora is new from Minnesota.

Another exception to "barcode functionality" in nrLSU: Amanita sp-MO04 and A. homolae appear to have identical nrLSU sequences.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita aureosorora, A. rhodinsulae, A. sp-F10, and A. sp-UTTAR01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita aureosorora, A. homolae, A. rhodinsulae, A. sp-F10, A. sp-MO04, and A. sp-UTTAR01.

6-19 July 2020

New pages: Four new temporary codes are proposed in section VaginataeAmanita sp-DEUT02, A. sp-DEUT03, A. sp-DEUT04, and A. sp-DEUT05.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-DEUT02, A. sp-DEUT03, A. sp-DEUT04, and A. sp-DEUT05.

Updated techtabs: Amanita fulva, A. fulvoides, A. jakeslandingensis, A. lividopallescens, A. olivaceogrisea, A. penetratrix, A. sp-DEUT02, A. sp-DEUT03, A. sp-DEUT04, A. sp-DEUT05, A. submembranacea, and A. umbrinolutea

2-3 July 2020

Merged pages: Amanita keesii and A. sp-A03 have been merged with Amanita justicei.  The temporary codes "sp-A03" and "sp-NOR01" are permanently retired.nbsp; The material formerly reported under the temporary code "A. sp-NOR01" has been identified as A. betulae.

Updated techtabs: Amanita betulae , A. justicei, and A. supravolvata.

25-30 June 2020

Pages merged: There are two new temporary codes for apparent species not in GenBank and sent to us from Italy: Amanita sp-ITAL07 and A. sp-ITAL08.  . The following temporary codes have now been merged with Amanita huijsmanii: Amanita sp-CROAT02, A. sp-FRAN01, A. sp-ITAL04, and A. PORT02.  All four of the latter temporary codes are now permanently retired.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita huijsmanii and A. solaniolens.

Updated techtabs: Amanita coryli, A. fulva, A. fulvoides, A. huijsmanii, A. lividopallescens, A. penetratrix, A. sp-ITAL07, A. sp-ITAL08, and A. umbrinolutea.

17-22 June 2020

Added pages: An index page for Amanita series Validae has been added to the site.  A new taxon page has been added to Amanita series MappaeA. intermedia.  The temorary code "Amanita sp-PORT01" is permanently retired. The content of that page will now appear on the page for Amanita fulvoides.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita fulvoides, A. maryaliceae and A. subvelatipes.

Updatef techtabs: Amanita fulvoides and A. sp-N19.

9-15 June 2020

Added page: Amanita temezontla is added to section Validae.  The new probable species appears inconsistently in attempts at single gene trees.  The clearest picture we can see at present is that A. temezontla is sister to Amanita novinupta and that pair is sister to very complex cluster of collections that are considered Amanita flavorubens at present.

The following temporary codes are absorbed into A. ameripanthera: Amanita sp-C17 and A. sp-NW01. Moreover, some of the material classified in the field as sp-AZ07 also appears to belong in A. ameripanthera.

Disappearing taxon page: Amanita amerirubescens.,br>
Updated brief tab: Amanita temezontla.

Updated techtabs: Amanita americitrina, A. ameripanthera, A. flavorubens, and A. temezontla.

5-8 June 2020

I think that we're back.

Page changes: Amanita sp-amerirubescens07 has been permanently retired.  The collections from the abandoned temporary code have all been assigned to A. maryaliceae.

Updated brief tab: Amanita obconicobasis.

Updated techtabs: Amanita batonrougensis, A. cornelihybrida, A. crassiputamen, A. insinuans, A. maryaliceae, A. obconicobasis, A. rooseveltensis, A. sp-C25, and A. sp-N46.

2-7 May 2020

Merger of two pages: Due to new data from the probable holotype of Amanita huijsmanii (Hanss & Moreau, 2020 [2017]), the provisional name A. sp-PORT02 is permanently retired; and the material formally treated under that name is now considered to be A. huijsmanii.

Updated techtabs: Amanita huijsmanii A. lavendula, A. pastorinoi, and A. sp-F14.

22-29 April 2020

Eliminated taxon page: Amanita sp-C17 is merged with Amanita ameripanthera.

Updated techtabs Amanita ameripanthera and A. sp-AZ07.

18 April 2020

New taxon page: A new page based on mis-identified specimens from Texas that had a common nrITS sequence.  The new species has a temporary code—Amanita sp-T50.  The species would have been placed in Bas' subsection Limbatula. It would be place in the revived section Roanokenses (Cui et al. 2018).

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-T50.

15 April 2020

Updated brief tab: Amanita multisquamosa.

4-10 April 2020

Restored page: Amanita sp-N46.

Corrected spelling of epithet: From the first writing of the name, RET has omitted a letter from the name that should be written "Amanita cruentilemurum."  Note the addition of the "n" at the end of the second syllable.

Updated brief tab: Amanita aureofloccosa A. cruentilemurum, and A. sp-N46.

Updated techtabs: Amanita amerivirosa, A. aureofloccosa and A. cruentileumurm and A. umbilicata.

1-3 April 2020

New name: Amanita sp-C22 becomes A. lear.  Note the epithet is a proper name in the appositive and is not declined.

Updated brief tab: Amanita umbilicata.

Updated techtabs: Amanita lear, A. sp-M36, and A. umbilicata.

25 March 2020

Updated techtab: Limacella illinita sensu H. V. Smith.

24 March 2020

Updated techtabs: Amanita bablerensis, A. bensonensis, A. calisorora, A. calyptratoides, A. canescens, A. castellae, A. constrictisorora, A. fulva, A. inopinata, A. insinuans, A. luteolovelata, A. singeri, A. smithiana, A._sponsus, A. sp-58, A. sp-C05, A. sp-C25, A. sp-NOR01, A. sp-S12, and Limacella sp-L-T01.

20-23 March 2020

New taxa: Amanita sp-AUS19, A. sp-MO10, and A. sp-NFL12 are new in section Vaginatae.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albemarlensis, A. fulva—North American, A. sagittaria, A. sp-AUS19, A. sp-MO10, A. sp-NFL12, and A. sturgeonii.

9-17 March 2020

New taxa: Amanita bablerensis and A. bensonensis are new in section Vaginatae.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita bablerensis, A. bensonensis, and A. lewisii.

Updated techtabs: Amanita bablerensis, A. bensonensis, A. lewisii, A. simulans, A. sp-58, A. sp-N49, A. sp-N58, A. sp-S12, and A. sp-WI03.

25-28 February 2020

Updated brief tab: Amanita contstrictisorora.

Updated techtabs: Amanita constrictrisorora, A. luteolovelata, and A. sponsus.

17-22 February 2020

Changes of section: This has been slow in coming; however, recent work on other projects requires us to make changes. The first set to move is Amanita canescens and A. silvicola. These species move from section Lepidella to section Validae. Support for this move has been growing in the literature.

Merging of taxa: Amanita sp-C24 is combined with A. constrictisorora and the cited temporary code is permanently retired.

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-ITAL04, A. sp-ITAL05, and A. sp-ITAL06.

Updated techtabs: Amanita browntownensis, A. canescens, A. castellae, A. cetovenoris, A. constrictisorora, A. media, A. neocaesariensis, A. obconicobasis, A. olivaceogrisea, A. praeclara, A. radiata, A. sagittaria, A. sangabrielensis, A. semiobruta, A. sp-AUS17, A. sp-C28, A. sp-FRAN01, A. sp-ITAL01, A. sp-ITAL04, A. sp-ITAL05, A. sp-ITAL06, A. sp-N66, A. sp-NFL10, A. sp-NOR01, A. sp-NW11, A. sp-WI01, A. sponsus, A. subnigra, and A. texidella.

7-14 February 2020

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-CO01, A. sp-CROAT01, A. sp-CROAT02, A. sp-DEUT01, A. sp-FRAN01, and A. sp-S15 are added based on dried material and genetic sequences.

Updated techtabs: Amanita crassiputamen, A. lactea, A. lividopallescens, A. olivaceogrisea, A. ostendemihi, A. semiobruta, A. sp-AUS12, A. sp-CO01, A. sp-CROAT01, A. sp-CROAT02, A. sp-DEUT01, A. sp-FRAN01, A. sp-ITAL01, and sp-S15.

3-4 February 2020

General information: Thirteen new GenBank accession numbers posted to techtabs.
New name: Amanita americitrina replaces A. sp-lavendula03.

Updated techtabs: Amanita americitrina, A. lavendula, A. cornelihybrida, and A. sp-F10.

1-2 February 2020

New taxon: Amanita sp-MO09 is a new temporary code.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-MO09.

30-31 January 2020

New taxon: Amanita texidella and A. neocaesariensis are apparently new species of section Amidella with spores having bacilliform spores with Q values up to 4.0.  They are two of three species formerly included within A. sagittaria on this site.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita neocaesariensis and A. texidella.

Updated techtabs: Amanita neocaesariensis, A. sagittaria, A. subvelatipes and A. texidella.

22-23 January 2020

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-NW11 and A. sp-NW12 will be segregated from A. sp-NW04.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-NW04, A. sp-NW11, and A. sp-NW12.

Updates techtabs: Amanita batonrougensis, A. sp-NW04, A. sp-NW11, and A. sp-NW12.

21 January 2020

30 GenBank accession numbers arrived today.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albiceps, A. austrowellsii, A. carolinensis, A. jakeslandingensis, A. justicei, A. kryorhodon, A. lewisii, A. parcivolvata, A. pseudoinsinuans, A. rooseveltensis, A. simulans, A. sp-C05, A. sp-C29, A. sp-T49, and A. subcaligata.

20 January 2020

New taxon page: A new species of the Vaginatae with a white, thick-fleshed cap—A. sp-C29.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-C29.

Udated techtabs: Amanita sp-C05 and A. sp-C29.

12-19 January 2020

New taxa: Amanita sp-AZ25 has been in Ms. for years. It is a species collected in Arizona.  It's range probably extends to both southern California and the neovolcanic zone of Mexico.  Amanita sp-M25 was collected 21 years ago in the state of Tlaxcala, México.  Both species are assigned to section Vaginatae

Updated techtabs: Amanita audubonensis, A. batonrougensis, A. blueridgensis, A. calisorora, A. carolinensis, A. castellae, A. cattaraugana, A. chiricahuana, A. constricta, A. constrictisorora, A. crassiputamen, A. fulva (European), A. fulva (North American), A. ifeifensis, A. insinuans, A. jakeslandingensis, A. lewisii, A. lindgreniana, A. maryaliceae, A. ostendemihi, A. rooseveltensis, A. sp-AZ25, A. sp-F18, A. sp-M25, and A. torreyanae.

8 January 2020

Updated techtabs: Amanita semiobruta.

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